Developing a Business

Southborough welcomes you and your new business. The Economic Development Committee has assembled a variety of resources to support start-ups, from small business services and training to a detailed Permitting Guide for Establishing and Growing Your Business, released in March 2017.

If you are planning to expand or relocate your business to Southborough, we will be glad to help you with your needs. This may include zoning issues, building permits or providing introductions to key business and community leaders.

We encourage you to meet with the Development Coordination Group for help navigating the permitting process. This group consists of various departments and serves to advise project applicants on the permitting process and provides other technical assistance as it pertains to your project. To coordinate a meeting, please email Karina Quinn, P.E., Southborough's Town Planner at the Town House or by calling 508-485-0710, ext. 3028.

For applications, rules and regulations, bylaws, etc. please visit the Town's website.