Downtown Initiative

Downtown Survey, August-September 2017

The survey results are in! Southborough's Economic Development Committee (EDC) wants to thank everyone who participated in the Downtown Business Village Survey! We had 427 respondents who participated.

In summary, the EDC developed the Downtown Business Village Survey in Spring/Summer of 2017. Our survey development process included feedback from the Town's various Boards and Committees. The final survey was released on August 8th and closed on September 30, 2017. Using a broad range of public dissemination, it was posted on the EDC's website and shared with various social media channels, including Facebook, and Twitter. We further collaborated with Southborough's Recreation Department, Southborough Library, Mysouthborough blog, to name a few. Informational flyers were also distributed to businesses on Main Street and at the September 22nd Broker Breakfast event held at the St. Marks School.

A public meeting was held on Monday, October 23rd at Southborough's Senior Center to review the results. Thank you for helping to make this a great success.

A few of the survey's major takeaways are:

  • Residents and businesses care deeply about Downtown. Strong sense of community.
  • Residents and business want improvements.
  • More amenities:
    • 90% want more restaurants. Publik house/pub mentioned repeatedly.
    • 67% want more retail shops.
    • Most are open to small-scale mixed use. Only 15% opposed
    • Aesthetics are important.
    • Downtown "feel" essential.
    • Historic buildings, signage and markers highly valued.
    • "Public spaces" and connectivity valued.

Find a copy of the October 23rd Public Meeting presentation here. For a full view of the entire survey, including raw data, please click here. For a closer look at the Downtown Business Village, view a map view of this area.

Downtown Business Village Workshop, Thursday, November 30, 2017

On Thursday, November 30, 2017, Southborough's Economic Development Committee (EDC) hosted a public workshop at the Town House, 17 Common Street The goal of the workshop was to outline key elements of opportunity, in which to study the Downtown Business Village.

Email for more information on the Downtown Business Village District, or about the Southborough EDC.