Will there be parking?

Yes. Currently, 3 to 4 cars can park at the gate at 142 Boston Road (intersection Route30 and Central Street) without blocking the gate.

Parking is also available along Central Street, near Fayville park (short walk to trailhead).

Parking may be available across from Stony Brook Road at a commercial site once proper permission is obtained.

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1. What is the Boroughs Loop Trail and why should you care about helping to close the gap?
2. How much would it cost to build this trail from scratch (for example if there was no existing access road and Southborough wanted to invest in building a new trail)?
3. Are you seeking other funding sources?
4. How will the project expand if the Trails Committee can leverage CPA funds for a MassTrails Grant?
5. Why is Southborough being asked to install a fence around this structure? What is the purpose of the fence?
6. Why is the fence so expensive (I can put up a fence in my backyard for $xx)?
7. What is the town’s liability if the town pays to install the fence?
8. What style of signage is being considered?
9. What outreach are you doing to connect with the trail neighbors?
10. Can I walk my dog on this trail?
11. Will there be parking?