Fire Department

Fire Station with bay doors open


We are dedicated to providing quality public safety and risk reduction services to our community.


We will be a progressive, professional, and well-trained fire department, committed to excellence in the delivery of all our services.


  • Community-Driven - Always placing the needs and expectations of those we serve first.
  • Competency - Committed to dynamic training, academic education, and gaining experience.
  • Integrity - Expecting strong moral character and ethical principles of ourselves and each other.
  • Professionalism - Demonstrated through behavior, judgment, and skill.
  • Team - Focused on the success of all members, while at the same time valuing the contributions of each member.

About Us

The Southborough Fire Department is an all-hazards, full-service fire department providing emergency response, risk-reduction, and inspection services to the Town of Southborough. The department is made up of 27 men and women, both full-time and part-time on-call. 

The department operates 24 hours a day out of the Public Safety Building located at 32 Cordaville Road. The station houses the fire chief and administrative offices, the fire prevention officer, on-duty firefighters and paramedics, and all department apparatus and resources.