Scoop the Poop Campaign

Dog Waste Education

Southborough's Stewardship and Trails Committees are excited to launch our Scoop the Poop campaign to protect our conservation lands, our trails, our wildlife habitat, our water, and to keep Southborough clean and beautiful. The focus of this campaign is to promote awareness about the importance of picking up dog waste. This initiative is funded by a 2021 Choate Fund Grant.

The Stewardship Committee manages Breakneck Hill Conservation Land and the Town Forest. Dog walking is allowed on these properties, as long as dogs stay on the trails at all times, remain under control of their owners, and remove and properly dispose of all dog waste.

Dog waste can have adverse effects on the environment. It is important that dog owners pick up and properly dispose of all dog waste. Dog waste contains harmful bacteria that can make people sick, especially children, and can be carried into water supplies by rain or snowmelt. All water leaving the BHCL property drains into the Sudbury Reservoir which is a backup drinking water supply for millions of people.

Southborough has more than 1,400 registered dogs. Each dog can produce up to 3/4 pounds of solid waste every day. That’s over 1,000 pounds of dog waste a day that needs to be properly discarded.  Southborough requires dog owners to remove and properly dispose of dog waste.


Review the bylaw discussing removal of dog waste.

Guidelines for Dog Owners

While we welcome dogs on our trails, please remember that dogs can harm wildlife habitat, pollute water, and disturb other visitors. Therefore, please:

  • Always keep dogs under control
  • Pick up and remove all dog waste
  • Keep dogs on trails at all times 
  • Keep dogs out of ponds, streams, and vernal ponds
  • Put dogs on leashes whenever other visitors approach
  • If you find yourself constantly yelling to control your dog, please put it on a leash   
  • Never allow dogs to run towards other visitors