Tips for Participation in Virtual Meetings

As the Boards/Committees/Commissions of Southborough continue to navigate the options available to them in Virtual Meetings, some meetings will be open to public participation. These meetings will be indicated on the Virtual Meeting Information page with a Zoom link to the meeting.

Here are some tips to be able to participate in applicable meetings:

  1. Download and Install the Zoom app n your computer/phone/tablet (device) prior to the meeting
    1. Zoom Download Center - Look for Zoom Client for Meetings
    2. Apple App Store
    3. Google Play Store
  2. When it is time for the meeting, click on the provided link on the Virtual Meetings Information page
    1. Note that in most cases the Virtual Room will be opened to the public a few minutes prior to the scheduled start of the meeting, but never later than the official call to order. However, the specific time will be determined by the Board/Committee Chair.
  3. Listen for instruction on how the individual Board/Committee/Commission will be accepting public interaction
    1. Some will limit to "Raise Hand" functionality.
      1. If this is the case, click the "Raise Hand" button on your screen and wait to be recognized.
      2. Once recognized, you will be granted the ability to speak to the meeting
      3. State your name and address for the record followed by your comment
    2. If the Q&A option is enabled for the meeting, you can submit a written question
      1. Again, make sure to state your name and address in the question
      2. Note that not all submitted questions may be recognized and/or answered
  4. Remember that, as with traditional meetings, the decision to recognize public comments/questions is up to the Chair.