Youth & Family Services

South Borough Youth and Family Services. Strengthening our community by supporting its families.

Our Mission

Southborough Youth and Family Services (SYFS) is a department of the Town of Southborough and a human service resource for the community. Our mission is to provide compassionate and equitable behavioral health and social services to Southborough residents of all ages.

Overview of SYFS Services

SYFS offers the following services:

Mental Health Support Services

SYFS offers mental health support services to assist Southborough residents in attaining their goals and with mental health, emotional, and social challenges that impact functioning and quality of life. These services include:

  • Assessments to better understand presenting issues and receive recommendations
  • Individualized training to build and enhance skills
  • One-time mental health consultations
  • Short-term counseling services
  • Substance use diversion program for youth
  • Therapeutic groups
  • Therapy referral support

All mental health support services are confidential and are provided by licensed mental health professionals and advanced graduate-level counselors under the direct supervision of our licensed staff. These services are exclusively for Southborough residents of any age and are free of charge.

To learn more about these services, click on the "Mental Health Support and Therapy Referral Services" tab found in the lefthand column.

Need-Based Services

For those experiencing financial hardship, SYFS offers several income-eligible programs and services:

  • Camp Scholarships
  • Emergency Funds
  • Fuel Assistance
  • Holiday giving support

Referral support to local agencies for assistance with items such as housing, healthcare, and food insecurity

To learn more about these services, click on the "Need-Based Services" tab found in the left-hand column.

Prevention Programs

An important goal for SYFS is to support individuals, families, and the community ahead of challenges through prevention programming. Prevention programs reduce risk and increase health, wellness, and protective factors. SYFS offers educational programming and information through programs such as suicide prevention training, substance abuse prevention programming, and Positive Youth Development initiatives.

In the event of a mental health emergency, call 988. View to get help accessing additional mental health support.