Unclaimed Check Information

Annually the Town will post records indicating uncashed checks belonging to the person(s) / business whose name we last had of record. Under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 200A § 9A this notice is an attempt to inform the apparent owner of the uncashed check of the process necessary to rebut the presumption of abandonment. Unclaimed funds will be credited to the city's general fund if the apparent owner fails to respond. However, prior to returning the monies to the general fund, we attempt to reach the owner of the property to determine the validity of the claim and reissue the funds due.

The check will be reissued only to the person / business name listed herein. An exemption will be granted if the stated person is deceased, the person has changed names or the business name has changed, the business is no longer active or has been dissolved. If the person's name has changed, please provide legal documentation (e.g. Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Court Documents). If the person named is deceased, and you are entitled to these funds, please send copies of legal documentation (e.g. Death Certificate and Last Will / Power of Attorney, etc). If the business name has changed, or the business is no longer active or has been dissolved you must attach copies of documents sufficient to prove the name change, merger, acquisition, or dissolution (e.g. Copy of the Merger, Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Dissolution, etc).

Claim Form (PDF)