Definition of Complex Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems

Any subsurface sewage disposal system shall be considered a complex system for purposes of the Southborough Board of Health Fee Schedule.

Domestic (Residential)

  • The Soil Absorption system is 150 or more total feet away from the Septic Tank
  • Any system which requires the construction and installation of one or more sewer clean-out manholes
  • Any system which traverses other property and requires the recording and documentation of easements
  • Any pump system which requires the installation of the pressure line pipe to travel under a wetland a road, a parking lot or such physical on-site impediment requiring pipe "sleeving" or underground boring
  • Any system with Massachusetts D.E.P. approved enhanced treatment system
  • Any system requiring an Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Any system requiring the installation of a concrete retaining wall